Starling iOS app rotates after splash screen

So I’ve been using Flash Builder and the Starling framework to create an iOS app of the Card Match game that I made a while back. I must say I’m pretty happy with the results, but there have been a few quirks. One of them was driving me nuts. I’m not sure how many of you will run into this but if you do hopefully this post will help. Here’s what it was doing: When the app would launch it would show the splash screen like it should and right after the splash screen was finished my whole app would rotate so that it was now upside down. I tried changing and then changing again the full screen and auto rotate properties in the app xml and nothing happened. So then I decided that I would just recreate the project in Flash Builder, so I made a new project and imported my classes, built it, and everything worked fine. Again I’m not sure why or if it was just a fluke, but if this happens to you, try making a new project.

I was recently working on a Flex Mobile Project and kept having this happen. After a lot of time and frustration I finally figured it out. By just adding¬†-swf-version=29 to the compiler options that solved the problem. I think that it somehow wasn’t using the last AIR SDK¬†somehow. I used the latest Apache SDK and it worked so I knew that it had to have something with the version. My guess is that without having that in there to force it to use the latest one it’s just missing something.

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