Remove Duplicates from an Array AS3

I recently needed function that would remove duplicate values from an array. After looking around online and modifying what I found to fit my needs I came up with the following:

var arr:Array = ["a", "b", "c", "a", "d", "a", "a"];



function removeDuplicates(target:Array):void
	for(var i:uint=target.length; i>0; i--)
		if(target.indexOf(target[i-1]) != i-1)
			target.splice(i-1, 1);

If you are searching for a way to do this, I hope this helps!

2 thoughts on “Remove Duplicates from an Array AS3”

  1. How would you like this simpler version?

    var uniqArray:Array = arr.filter(function(item:String, index:int, array:Array):Boolean {
    return array.indexOf(item) == index;

    That is for array of strings, can use item:* for arbitrary data.

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