Computer Problems

So just when I thought that I was doing good on keeping up with my blog my computer crashed. The mobo on my computer bit the bucket and I am waiting for a replacement. I am writing this entry from my 7 year old piece of junk laptop. I have been watching some more sessions from MAX and am excited to try the beta of Flash CS5. Also at work I recently wrote a cool class that dynamically adds a reflection to a Display Object in Flash and will be putting that up soon when my computer is up and running again. My current boss Dave Clark is real cool and wants me to put it up to give back to the Flash community. Also we are going to be putting up some cool free stuff to help people learn Spanish free online so if you are looking to learn Spanish click on this link and check it out.

Adobe MAX 2009

So this last week was MAX and the bummer news for me is that I didn’t get to go this year. On a good note though they put up a bunch of cool stuff online. If you didn’t get to go either or are new to what MAX is go check it out at¬†Monday’s keynote was awesome! They announced some way cool things for the next release of Flash. The biggest announcement was that Flash CS5 will enable developers to develop Apple Apps in Flash and then compile them down as native apps that can run on the iPhone and iPod touch. Pretty dang sweet! Another cool thing they announced is that finally the code editor in Flash will have custom class introspection and Flash Builder (new name for Flex Builder) has a new Flash project. This allows you to edit a document class in Flash Builder and then compile and run from Flash Builder. To see more on these features watch the free session from Monday, October 5, 2009 entitled Secret Session: Flash Professional. MAX is awesome and I am looking forward to going next year. They also announced that later this month they will be putting up all of the sessions so that we that couldn’t go can check them out. One last cool announcement was that they will be doing a public beta for Flash CS5. To go sign up to be notified for that go to¬†All and all some pretty cool stuff.