Fun Games For Your Next Party

I recently played some fun games that I wanted to pass on. I played them at Christmas parties, but they would work great for any holiday or party.

The first one is a taste testing game. Here’s how it works. You need a variety of sodas that are similar in color and taste. The game I played used 7 two liter bottles. What you do is pour each one into its own cup and write a number on it. Then you take and pour a little from each cup into each players cup one flavor at a time allowing them time to drink it and mark down on a piece of paper what flavor they think that it is. Here is the break down for the game I played:

1. Sierra Mist
2. Squirt
3. 7up
4. Generic Brand Squirt
5. Generic Brand 7Up
6. Fresca
7. Sprite

The next game is a point game that involves eating M&Ms. Here is how it works. First you count out a certain amount of each colored M&M and place them in a brown paper sack. There is a sack for each player. Then each player pulls an M&M out of the sack without looking and shows it to the person keeping score. You keep doing this until the first person reaches the desired amount of points. The game I played the winning number was 500 and here is the count of each color along with its corresponding points:

Blue – 5 pts (8 M&Ms)
Green – 10pts(7 M&Ms)
Orange – 25pts (6 M&Ms)
Red – 50pts (5 M&Ms)
Yellow – 75pts (4 M&Ms)
Brown – 100pts (3 M&Ms)

The last game is one that I made for a Christmas party that we had, It’s Christmas Bingo. You can check it out and print off some of your own cards for your next Christmas party by going here: Enjoy these game ideas!