How do I change the retry time in SmartFTP

So if you do much with ftp you have probably heard of SmartFTP. If not I would highly recommend them. I have used a variety of ftp programs and theirs is by far the best that I have used up to now. It has a lot of great features and is reasonably priced. If you have used it then you have also most likely ran into the issue that arrives if you attempt to upload a file and it fails causing it to state that it will retry at (time stamp) future. The default is 30 seconds from the time that it attempted to upload the file. Well for me the problem is 30 seconds is much more than I care to wait. I do a lot in Adobe Flash and I have SmartFTP set to monitor the .swf file for the .fla file that I am working on. This way every time I publish the file it will automatically upload it for me. The problem is that SmartFTP recognizes the file having been changed right as Flash begins to compile the swf not when it is actually finished. This means that every time I would have to wait 30 seconds. Well there is a solution and here it is. To change the retry default time value go to Favorites > Edit Favorites. In the Favorites window, go to Tools > Edit Default Favorite. In the Properties window, select the “Connection” menu, and there you will see a setting “Retry Delay” it is set to 30 seconds by default. There you can type in whatever time you want. For most small swf files 1 second has worked for me.