Adobe Creative Suite Tools Not Showing Up Right

This is one that I found a while back, and just recently was reminded of it again. The other day I saw a forum post stating that Flash won’t display the path I’m drawing with the pencil tool. I had something similar to this happen with the eraser tool in Fireworks. It too wouldn’t display right and was flickering. The system I was using was running was Windows Vista and I had the Appearance set to Aero and that was what was causing the issue. Just by setting it to the Basic mode (Without the transparency) that fixed it. This also is the case for Windows 7. This is kind of a random issue and appears to affect multiple Creative Suite programs. So far I have heard of it affecting Flash, Fireworks and Illustrator. I was getting the issue with CS3 and when I upgraded to CS4 it no longer happened in Fireworks at least. I also have Windows 7 and CS4 and have noticed that it still is an issue in Flash with the pencil tool. The line you draw with the tool doesn’t show up until you let up on the mouse button. If you happen to run across this weird issue and want to find a solution try changing the Appearance Settings.

if(computerWorking){iBeHappy = true;}

I am writing this from my computer again instead of my laptop. Woo hoo! It is great to have it working again and even better working with Windows 7. Man I don’t know how I ever got by without a 64bit version of Windows. Windows 7 64bit ROCKS! I am loving it. I had to just write briefly and say how much I love that fact that my machine is working again and that I will soon be posting the Reflection class that I blogged about previously. Also I want to give a quick shout-out. I work with two of the best programmers and all-around good guys in the whole world, Dan and Josh. They just recently got new blogs up so I wanted to put up some links to them. If you like Flash and or code go check them out. Dan’s blog Josh’s blog