Latest Project – Rotating Flash Banner

I just recently did a freelance project for It is a rotating banner. It is populated by XML. The XML file lets you control what images are loaded along with the time each image is up and also whether or not it has the navigation in the lower left corner. It’s pretty cool! Go check it out at

The Proper Way of Referencing Elements on a Web Page

I was recently working on a web page that was not displaying some Flash elements properly on some people’s browsers or so I thought. After beating my head for a bit I realized what the problem was. The .swf file that I was referencing had an absolute path that included the “www.” in the URL. Here is an example: “<param name=”movie” value=”” />. The problem was when someone went to the site and did not include the “www” for example: “”. The solution to this is rather simple and should be the practice you use when referencing elements on your pages. It’s called root referencing and here is an example: “<param name=”movie” value=”/swfs/my_movie.swf” />. You leave off the “http://”, the “www” and the site name and instead just put a “/” at the beginning. This will work in all cases even if the page that is referencing the element is nested multiple folders deep.