How to get rid of blank pages after a table in Microsoft Word

There might be another way of doing this, but this is the best way that I have found. I know this is an issue in Word 2007 not sure about 2010. Here are the steps you take:

  1. Click on the Show/Hide paragraph button to show paragraph marks.
  2. Select the paragraph mark on the extra page you want to remove.
  3. Change the font size to of the selected paragraph mark to 1.
  4. Click on the Show/Hide paragraph button to hide paragraph marks.

That should do it. Those extra pages can be really annoying, so I hope this helps.

Word multilevel list not working

This morning I was working on a Word 2007 document that had a bulleted list in it and couldn’t get it to indent and place the different bullet points in the multilevel list properly. Needless to say it was driving me nuts. If you run across this problem here is what you do to fix it. Click on the office button->word options->proofing->auto correct options->auto format as you type and select the check box “set left and first indents with tabs and back spaces” under automatically as you type section at the bottom.