WordPress is Awesome!

If you are looking to put up a blog or an entire site for that matter, you need to check out WordPress. I just finished creating a theme for this blog and absolutely love all the control you have. It’s not very hard to set up and customize and has everything you need to power a simple site or blog. If you do decide to use WordPress and need a custom theme send me an email for a free quote.

Affordable Web Hosting

So occasionally I have people ask me who hosts my website. So here is my answer. I use 1and1.com and so far only have good things to say about them. They have been hosting my site now for a long time and I have never had any problems. They are an excellent hosting company and are very affordable. If you are looking for a great web hosting company for a website or blog click on the link below and check them out.

Extra space below img tag

So I’ve been doing a lot of web development lately and have run into some issues that have driven me nuts. The latest one had to do with an HTML email template I was creating. for HTML emails you have to use a lot of tables which is always fun. I had a table with columns and rows that had images in them. The img tags were putting in extra space below them. I was using the HTML 4 strict doc type. That was part of the problem. If I changed that it worked fine, but I wanted to use that particular doc type since it was for an email template. I’ve been able to fix problems like this before by just adding a br tag after the img tag, but that didn’t work with this doc type. The problem is due to how the img tag is displayed. It’s generally an inline element not block. So using CSS I changed the display to block:


I overwrote the display for all of the img tags because that is what I needed, but you could do it on an individual (inline) basis.


Word multilevel list not working

This morning I was working on a Word 2007 document that had a bulleted list in it and couldn’t get it to indent and place the different bullet points in the multilevel list properly. Needless to say it was driving me nuts. If you run across this problem here is what you do to fix it. Click on the office button->word options->proofing->auto correct options->auto format as you type and select the check box “set left and first indents with tabs and back spaces” under automatically as you type section at the bottom.

Joe Billman = ACE (Adobe Certified Expert)

Recently I did something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. I took the exam to become an Adobe Certified Expert in Flash Professional. Those who know me know that I love Flash and have been using it for a long time. It feels good finally have something other than my experience to verify my abilities in Flash. Okay that’s enough of my 5 minutes of Flash fame.

adobe certified expert in flash

View Certificate

404 Not Found Error from my WordPress blog when I click on an entry or archive

So I just had this happen recently to two blogs that I maintain. The home page of the blog showed up fine, but when I clicked on a link to go to any page other than the home page I would get a 404 not found error. Pretty crappy, but the good thing is it was simple to fix. Log in to your Dashboard, under the Settings tab there is a Permalinks link. Click on that and then click the Save Changes button. This re-creates the .htaccess file and that should fix the problem. I found this solution on WordPress’s forum here. WordPress Rocks!