Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. So as everyone knows Thanksgiving is a great time to get together with family and what better to do with family then play computer games. In my family Age of Empires II is still the all-time classic. This afternoon while getting one of my computers ready to play AOE2 I noticed that the colors were showing up weird. This particular computer is running Windows 7 64 bit. After trying a bunch of things and searching around online I found the answer. To make the colors show up right you need to follow these steps:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. While it is launching start the Task Manager.
  3. Click on the Processes tab.
  4. Find explorer.exe, click on it then click on the End Process button.
  5. Alt+Tab to get back to AOE2

That’s it and you’re off and running like normal. When you’re done follow these steps to start the explorer.exe process again:

  1. Ctl+Alt+Delete then select Start Task Manager.
  2. File -> New Task (Run…)
  3. Type explorer.exe in the text field where it says Open.
  4. Click OK

Now you have everything back like it should be and you’re good to go.
I hope this helps someone else out there that might be trying to play AOE2 on a newer computer or any other older game. When trying to play any older game try to run it in compatibility mode and try this. If neither of those work then you’re probably out of luck. Enjoy the turkey and pie!

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  1. Hey Joe Did you make this blog? It looks very well. I plan on getting better on php and javascript and other languages and having my site become a training site for people who want to learn it also. I also plan on being one of those people who post alot of tutorial videos and articles wether its on games, such as minecraft or how to do code programming. Thanks again for all those tips you gave me on css. They have really helped me gain more experience and have helped me learn how to position items more properly. I have just gotten started with CSS3 and HTML5. They enable you to do some pretty cool stuff without using images or photoshop editing’s. I’ll send you a html document that I made a few days ago with HTML5 and CSS3. Almost all of the content on the page is made using new CSS3 properties, there’s this one that lets you create borders with a corner radius and others that let you give boxes and tables shadows behind them. Anyways if you havn’t used HTML5 or CSS3 you should start because it works so much better! Hey and I have one question, what was that program that you said was free that you can program with? It was for windows and you were talking about it once with me?

    Thanks for all your help Joe! And your site is very Helpful and gives me very good tips! Thanks so much!

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