Recommended MP3 Settings for Flash Player

I recently ran into another MP3 issue while working on a Flash Project. I found this one while working on an iPad app in Flash Builder. I meant to write about this issue a long time ago when some mp3 files that I was using on a website sounded really bad in the Flash Player. So here is my recommended MP3 Settings for mp3 files used in ActionScript applications:

  • Sample Rate – 44100 Hz (this one is the most important, if it is not set to this, it can sound bad, slow, fast, garbled)
  • Channels – Stereo or Mono work fine (for most sound effects I use mono)
  • Bit Depth – 16
  • Sample Rate – 128 Kbps (you can use higher or lower, I haven’t noticed too much improvements going higher, but it’s definitely noticeable as you start going lower)

This is probably common knowledge to most people working with Flash applications and ActionScript, but if not, I hope this helps.